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SnapAndSearch is a search by image application.The application functions are :- take a picture using the camera (Snap)- choose the search by image service you want to use (Settings)- pick an image from the gallery- search by image (Search)- scroll through the search by image results and open URL when available (Results)
The following search by image services are available :- JustVisual (default)- Microsoft Computer Vision (requires a private API Key)- IBM Watson Visual Recognition (Beta - requires private authentication username and password)- Google Cloud Vision (Beta - requires a private API Key)
You can select the service you want to use via the Settings menu entry.For JustVisual, you can choose from a variety of search types : Fashion, Pets, Furniture, Flowers and Plants, Face detection and expressions.
Known limitations/issues :- with some phone model, when a picture is taken, a copy goes into the gallery- HTTP 500 errors are sometimes returned by the JustVisual "Face Detection and Expression" search server